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Wipro Earthian

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The Wipro Earthian Program is a year-round sustainability education program for middle and high schools. The course consists of activity-based modules that help students address pressing environmental issues such as climate change, waste management, water and biodiversity crises. Students are encouraged to learn through their own observations, develop critical thinking and leadership skills to address environmental issues.

The Earthian program activities are organized into 3 themes – Waste, Water and Biodiversity. The activities in each theme will help students understand and reflect on issues in their school campuses and communities. The activities integrate topics and concepts from the sciences, social sciences and help with the development of language and math skills. Each theme consists of compulsory activities (5), electives (2 out of 4) and an essay submission.

Schools that enrol for the Nature Vidya Wipro Earthian Program also get the opportunity to participate in the Wipro Earthian Competition. The winning school teams are awarded at the Earthian Awards Ceremony held in Bengaluru, and the award carries a cash prize of Rs. 50,000. The first submission for the Wipro Earthian Competition for 2023 is due by Oct 31st 2023.

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Alongside the national-level Wipro Earthian Competition, we also have the Regional Awards whe
re the top 3 performing schools of the region are felicitated.

Regional Awards 2022

  • First Position - Col Brown Cambridge School (Top Row)

  • Second Position - Sunrise Academy (Middle Row)

  • Third Position - Hopetown Girls' School (Third Row)















regional awards

How to

To enrol for the Wipro Earthian Course, please register your school on the Nature Vidya portal and opt for the Nature Vidya Wipro Earthian course. Once enrolled, teachers get to access lesson plans successively after submitting feedback. Registered schools will also receive a resource kit with materials from Wipro Foundation and Nature Science Initiative.

Register School

Register your school to access Nature Vidya Courses

Enroll in Course

To participate in the program, enroll in the Nature Vidya Earthian Course for Middle and High Schools

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